Luis Daniel Abreu proves the (complex version of) the Monotonicity of Singular Values Conjecture


The semester is under way and, as I announced here, I am teaching a new version of the Mathematics of Data Science course I taught last fall. As I go through the material, and the open problems, I will announce here in the blog progress that has been done on the open problems since I last gave the class.

I am very happy to announce that Luis Daniel Abreu posted a proof for the complex version of the Conjecture regarding the Monotonicity of the average Singular Value of a Gaussian Matrix (see the Conjecture here: , it is Open Problem 1.2 of last years version of the class: )

Luis Daniel Abreu was a mentor of mine back in my undergraduate times, and was my first co-author! The solution is available in the arxiv at:

18.S096: Synchronization Problems and Alignment

The last set of Lecture notes for my course are now available here and are about Synchronization problems. They also include the last four open problems of the course. I will document the open problems here, while referring a much more detailed description of the problems on the notes, including description of partial progress.

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