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This blog is back (again) and it revives with a new title!


I have decided to (finally) revive my blog (again)! Since lately I have been getting more and more interested in Approximation Algorithms and, in particular, the ones that are based in Convex Relaxations, I decided to change the title of the blog accordingly (Thanks Dustin and Joel for help with the title, and motivation to revive the blog)!

What is this blog?

This post is basically to let you know who I am and what I expect this blog to be about.

First of all, I am Afonso Bandeira, a portuguese Mathematician. I did my Master Degree in Mathematics at University of Coimbra and will, Starting September’10, be a PhD student at PACM, Princeton University. More about myself can be found in my personal webpage.

The main idea of this blog is to write and discuss about Mathematics. More specifically, I will write expository posts about Mathematical areas that I find the most interesting and I will give updates on my research.

I will soon post about my pre-print with Luís Daniel Abreu, about Frames and Sampling Theory.